fredag 24 maj 2013

Today at Cafe Santo Domingo

We play today at 18.00 and it seems like there will be plenty of people coming. I know a lot of my colleagues from school will be there... and we plan to party a bit afterwards; if you want to come along we´ll be in Dubliners (Järntorget) from around 19.30...

Looking forward! The name of the place, Santo Domingo, is special to me because have lived in this city (in the Dominican Republic) for a year when I was 18... that´s where I learn´t speaking spanish, and it was surely a life changing experience for me. Me and Didi think that is a sign. For something, not sure why... ;)

Anyway, we are well rehearsed, and hope to have a great evening with music and people tonight! If you are in Gothenburg, welcome!