måndag 28 oktober 2013

Now the album is being mixed

On Sunday we finally sent all files for mixing!! Me and Cezary have been working really hard lately, and also the band, having a gig the same week and all... And our families, all a bit exhausted. And it feels like a big burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Finally I leave this to somebody else! Then we have to think about printing, artwork and a dussins of other things. But now I will have some days off being with my family, my children has not seen their mother much lately. I so hope it will turn out fine after the mixing and mastering. And we have to fix a release party with our friends, because we deserve it! Soon five years has passed since I made a decicion on writing songs, and soon four after me and Diana started, later Stefan and one year ago Cezary, who has done so much for this record. And I hope people will feel it and get it.

Here is a picture from our nice gig at Tuve library. It was really great to see/listen to SEVEN, and a priviledge to play afterwards.

måndag 14 oktober 2013

FN dagen-

Vi spelar på Tuve Bibliotek snart. Är mycket glad för att få vara med på detta, det känns ultimat på så många plan. FN dagen, kvinnors rättigheter, Tuve. Där jag bor, det jag brinner för, på en speciell dag, just den här hösten. Mer info om SEVEN på www.sevenwomen.se

Nu ska vi bara hinna öva oppi all inspelning och redigering och mixning och fotning.... Tidsoptimisten i mig trode skivan skulle vara klar då vi bokade in spelningarna i höst ;) Men det blir bra och jag hoppas många kommer på detta stärka arrangemang.

English: The United nations day we will play at this event at library in Tuve. Seven is a documentary theatre about womens rights all over the world. It is the perfect arrangement, hope a lot of people will be attending.