måndag 19 mars 2012


We have started rehearsing again now, after a calm period. We have some candidates for the drums, and are going to test to play together, starting with the first one today. It makes me happy to get good respons for the songs from different people. I have been working on the recordings we made in november, and a lot of them was done in a hurry. I am wondering if I should keep working on them, or go for another recording. I/we did a lot of mistakes that first time. In one way I am eager to get the songs "out", so I can, you know, move on, write more, working on getting gigs etc. But in the other way, I want it to be as good as possible, and also not missing the opportunity of learning as much as I can in the process. And I have to accept that things take time. One thing is to have a goal, another is to put a deadline for it. Often I get the impression that is crucial to have a deadline. Or else you will not get things done. Ask any marketing expert. I understand that. But then, if you do something new, it is quite impossible to know how much time every step is going to take. Ask any teacher that ;) I kept thinking that I was satisfied if I had a recoding that was "good enought". Because I know you cant do things perfect (and you can fix alot with the computer afterwards). But now my theory is more that I want it to have "the extra spark"). And another reflextion: Why a CD? I myself don´t listen to 11 songs from one artist at a time, just the best ones. Feels like a waste nowadays, if you have a lot of good songs (as we have ;) ), then it would be better to release singles. ? ? So many choices... But at least one of the songs I have decided to use, and that is a recording of "I´m running" (the one at the video), and we will send it to the Metro On Stage contest (a music competition arranged by the newspaper Metro) in april. So then we will need you to vote for us, and we might come in the final. That would be fun.