fredag 22 november 2013

Simone Says: The album: Release 7th of December!

Now the album is now being printed, and will arrive to us this week. So now you can book it here and get it next week! :)

The album comes in an eco package, with a booklet with more info, photos, and all the lyrics. So I really think you should buy it if you like what you´ve heard so far!  Here is some more information, this is page 3 from the cover:

If you live in Sweden or Norway, just write an email with your adress to and we fix it directly. The price is 140 SEK/NOK (included postage)
If you live outside of Sweden or Norway, you book it here for 16 Euro (included postage). Use the "Buy it" button at the upper right corener.

And: If you live in Gothenburg, you are welcome to our release party at Kontiki (Slottskogen) the 7th of December! Do join our Facebook event :)  A lot of guest artists, old band members on stage, we will play all the songs from the album, and DJ and dancing afterwards, it is going to be fun! We just have to celebrate that we finally are there.

It feels almost incredible.