onsdag 11 december 2013

Listen to the new album!

You can now listen to our album at Spotify! 
Listen, enjoy and share! And buy it if you like it, it´s always special to have a real copy. Of the first unik edition! :)

And you are welcome to tell me what you think of it. Did you find a favourite song? Any other thougths?

Here are some photos and a videoclip from our releaseparty,which was so much fun! You can see many more at our Facebookpage. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. (not so strange btw., with so many charming people we know, and people from the age of 7 to 77 in the audience)  We had four bands playing for support, fully booked at the tables with friends and foreigners, and a lot stayed for partying afterwards, which made it all perfect.

One of our favourite live songs: I´m running:

We played two sets, with all the songs from the album.

Diana was arranging and hosting this party, fabulessly.

Bamboo and christmas decorations in combination.... quite eclectic, as are we! 


 Our drummer Anders (left) took a lot of nice photos, check out our Facebook page 

State and Kristina, friends and music collegues.

Later dancing: Me and my collegue Mia
And its hard to believe: Just some weeks ago, we were struggeling like crazy in the studio, me and Cezary. All weekends, every night, late nights. Cezary did an enourmous job this last year, since we started recording in mars... making the recordings better in so many ways, caring about every detail, tons of megabytes changed between us the last 8 months, and we have been learning this together.. I could not have done this without him.Or without support from our families.

These songs have been with me and the band for a long time now, we have worked with them, experimenting, changing arragments, changing settings, and as new people have been playing them, so have the caracter of each song changed over time. Even if we still love playing them, it sure is a releif to release them and let them fly, like birds ready to leave the nest too long...This is the end of a five year process of writing songs, establishing a band, getting and playing gigs; from mine and Dianas very first open stage gig at Jazzå to this release, and I could write a book about the journey. But the goal was always getting out these songs, and have fun along the way. I hope and believe you will feel the energy and love put into the music when you listen.

I leave it like this, and hope you will help us spread the music! :) And if you want to support us for sometimes making more music in the future, buy the album! Streaming services dont pay more than nickles to indipendent musicians. And dont forget to like our Facebook page.  We have gotten a lot of new friends there lately, especielly from Poland, and we are very happy for that :)

Merry Christmas to you all!