måndag 25 mars 2013

First weekend in studio

Now we start! Recording our first album! We hired Nacksving studio, a studio with long traditions, in a very charming area in the old part of Gothenburg (Kungsgatan, innom Vallgraven). And this weekend was so beautiful, sunny and cold, everyone sitting outdoors insisting it is spring.

Plenty of equipment, and a charming atmosphere with red carpets like an old theatre.

Stefan likes to dance while listening to the takes. Does it groove or not?

Oh, what a difference of drum sound, with seven microphones! Martin is in drum heaven... This weekend we only recorded drums, bas and guitar (and my piano and lead just to play along). The technician Isak Edh helped us out great and efficiantly. Some inevitable frustations and problems along the way (like instruments out of tune, a soar throat, a bit stress and not finding the groove at first), but overall it worked very well and we got most of the job done (even photoshooting!):

Diana is following the progress, but will be recording her stuff next week.

Lunch at "Språkcafét" (the language cafe) saturday:

I am satisfied with this, listening to a working mix now. This constellation works great, and everyone has lifted this to a higher level. Still we have just begun.. Next week me and Diana will record vocals and strings, and we have to prepare for that. And then we start rehearsing the other songs for the next studio session in the beginning of june. So, in august I hope to release our debut album and I SOO look forward to it! I want to share these songs with you, that´s why I am doing this. And to have fun and learn along the way.

Photos: Cezary Dubicki