tisdag 3 januari 2012

Happy new year

I have had kind of a blog writing block, and that´s partly because I haven´t properly decided how to use the blog, and how personal I should be. Anyway, I have for myself stated that the blog represents me, and not the band, and I want to feel free to adress any topic I want. And now I write english, as I have a lot of hits from other countries as well on this blog. I have the last couple of months been focusing on the recordings we have done, and my goal is to release and album during the spring. It will be a simple producion, as circumstances allows, but the songs are great. I look forward to getting it done, so I can move on, write more, have more gigs, or whatever comes to mind. But this has to be done. What´s awaiting in 2012? A beautiful number. Let´s decide, that it´s going to be the best year so far. (I do that every year. And it always turns out to be right :) ) Happy new year to you.