tisdag 2 september 2014

Autumn thoughts

Some photos from our last gig, at the mini festival called "Last days of the summer" (Sommarens sista dagar):

You can see more photos from this event here. A very pleasant evening, with friends and local people filling up the restaurant and streets. Last days of summer indeed, a bit cold, and now summer is definitely over.

I´m also glad to discover we were featured in Justin Wayne Show recently (ca 17 minutes into the show) with the song "Waiting for the Rain". Over all, I am very grateful for people listening to, and spreading alternative music: Bloggers and podcasters who work nonprofit open our ears and our hearts to new music. And also people taking their time to comment when they hear something they like; like getting a mail from a lady writing after the last gig where she gave me thanks for the lovely music outside her window; it means a lot.

Because it is a struggle. Now we´re at that stage that we have tired out our Facebookfriends with band updates... and the people who actually like our page (on Facebook), cant see our updates because of the algorithms. It´s too much information out there, and I guess it´s too much music as well. It´s a jungle both for the bands and the audience. So, how and where to find "our" listeners? How do we know that what we make matters? And I´m not talking about money, we still mostly "pay to play". Well, it´s a hard, but as Elisabeth Gilbert said, on thoughts on writing: " It´s not the worlds fault that you wanted to be an artist. (.. ) so get back to work".  Quite harsh, but true. It´s a commitment. There´s nothing to do with the lousy conditions for musicians either, now in the middle of the digitalization paradigme shift. I guess it´s just to accept things as they are right now, and "get back to work".  But to be honest, it´s also a priviledge, because of what I mentioned above. To have the resources to have this expensive hobby, and to be able to take the time. And it´s a priority. (We for instance, still live in a flat one size too small.)

Swedish elections are coming up and the atmosphere is very political. For those who wonder am I supporting the Feminist Party in Sweden, because I really think it is a perspective that has been undervalued too long.

Last but not least: Here is a rehearsal studio recordning (at Cezarys studio) of a new song me and Diana performed at last gig. One take, no editing. It´s called Eagle, working title "Flying dream". Speaking about struggles and new ways to look at things, and wanting to escape from earthly problems... can´t we just do that?  The lyrics are written together with Sara Lindalen.

Or click on this Soundcloud link.