lördag 31 maj 2014

What now?

May is soon finished. I have put the music on hold for several months now. Not really rehearsed, not taking or chasing gigs, not done any marketing or updating at soc. media etc.. Probably not smart at all, but I just need(ed) a total break. I have done other things, like; hanging out with family and friends, engaged in politics, turned fourty  .. I adopted a homeless dog from Spain, she will arrive in june, I have grown green things at my balcony, reading very different litterature, listened to different music, brainstorming everything, etc.
I have also been thinking: Was it really worth it? All that time and energy I put into music for several years?
And the music business today... it seems like a mess, it´s not fun and I really can´t relate to it att all.
I dont know, what´s worth or not. But I am still writing songs, very slowly.