fredag 7 februari 2014

Right now..

Right now are I am happy for a coulpe of things:

*that our CD is for sale at the famous record shop Bengans in Gothenburg:

*that our song Second Call was recently played on this radiostation in Nebraska.
*for these nice words from the music blog Meadowmusic.s,

"The band Simone Says, hailing from Göteborg, released their debut album in December: a collection of songs with a smooth jazz-influenced pop, in a style I’m more used to hear from American bands than Swedish. They excel here, though, on a record that grows with each listen, with songs that circle around Camilla Bakke, her piano and her wonderful presence in her vocals, finely varied and coloured with violin and guitars; acoustic as well as electric ones. The seventies feel close and my thoughts go to artists like Carly Simon, Carole King, Billy Joel and to some extent Joni Mitchell. Beautiful melodies and a good variation between the groovy and the delicate on an album that feels as bright as a laidback, sunny sunday morning. Here are a few songs I have an extra soft spot for":

Now I have a week vacation... ! One of the good thing working as a teacher...
Tonight I will meet Diana and Cezary and go listen to Mariam The Believer at the jazzclub Nefertiti. And on Sunday I am going with my kids to visit my brothers family in Bergen. It´s been a long time!

And yes, I am also glad our Facebook page is growing, and the support we get there.. It helps keeping up the spirit!