torsdag 2 januari 2014

New year again!

Last year was special because we made the album, it took the whole year more or less. This was all I was hoping and wishing for last new years eve, I remember it clearly. Then we also have been playing several gigs during the year. So it has been an extraordinary productive year. I am so releived we manage to finish the album, but most of all I am happy I still got a family and a job and friends left, really, I have been so focused on the music so much and so long.

I am grateful for people listening, liking, and sharing the music! And for great words, like these written by our friend Alex at his blog:

I personally think it is one of the best albums I have heard for a very long time. And believe me, when it comes to music I am very picky. The songs and lyrics are very catchy and they grow quickly on you. But besides being very well written and composed, they all have a message and a story.

Now, I am not a critic nor journalist, so I am not going deep on my review but I am definitely going to recommend this band/album and their uplifting and refreshing music. The sound is very unique and I can tell that this is only the beginning for Simone Says.

Thank you Alex! <3 It is so great when somebody sees, hears, beleives in you, and expresses this.... Original, intelligent, and "it´s getting better the more you listen", "the lyrics are great" are also things we have heard several times, and then people hear a bit different influences concerning decades, geography. I still kind of hope for something more to happen, but I also get that we have to do more marketing work to make people notice us. We have to find a way to get outsides of our own circles, outside of this city. I realize that it´s not over when the CD is out and that theres still work to do. And we´ll do some: I am so proud of this album, I can stand for every song. We beleive in it, me and significant people around me, and that gives energy to carry on. :)