måndag 9 september 2013

The gig at Kyrkbytorget

Here is "Dont be a Stranger" from the gig (at Kyrkbytorget, Lundby Kulturmånad, Temadag miljö)

A nice day, hot and sunny and a lot of people joining in the different activities, concerning environment. We are happy we could be a part of it! And it was so nice to have a (great) drummer on this gig, and great friends joining us, filming etc. Thanx!

Now we continuing working on the album. At Sunday me and Cezary recorded piano at my home. I just got my old piano (my grandmothers) moved here from Norway, a really great piano from the 30-ies:

Another gig coming up next week, at a jazzclub at the boat Marieholm. We will play during the breaks of a concert with the jazzband The Novelty Band. Looking forward!