onsdag 28 augusti 2013

The members of the band

Some updated info about the band: 

Members of Simone Says Band:   

Camilla Bakke on piano, lead. She has been playing the keys in both biker clubs and churches, directing choirs, giving pianolessons, but mostly doing other things before starting this project; studying languages at the university, had children, travelling etc.


Diana Andrén Scarpati on viola and vocals. Original member and co-starter of the band. Diana has played classical symphonic music, and in several bands, now with: The New String Theory, Alpaca Sports, Roman Andrén. She has been recording albums with all of these bands.


Guitarrist Stefan Petersson works as a music teacher, and has played in different bands and constellations, but now mostly Simone Says. He likes irish music, plays the harmonica and has even toured Scandinavia as a drummer once upon a time...


Cezary Dubicki plays electric and acoustic bas. He has been studying music in Poland (Musical School and Musical Acadamy in Gdansk), and played in plenty of different constellations before he came to Sweden: jazz, folk, classic, pop and rock. Parallel with the music studies he took the degree of engeneer, specialisation in acoustics. Since he started in the band he has built up a well equipped home recording studio and studied music production by himself. Now he is coproducing our album, as well as recording others. 

Drummer and percuissionst Anders Johansson has a music degree at Musikhögskolan in Gothenburg, and have been playing jazz, pop, funk, soul, classical and brazilian music. He works as a drum teacher and freelance musician.