söndag 30 december 2012

Happy new year! Contemplating 2012.

I hope you are having a good holiday. I have had some lazy days at home, watching family movies (the "Santa Paws" was VERY popular among some), playing Wii (a christmas gift; really fun and exchausting), I have been out for drinks with friends, and new years we'll celebrate with some close friends.

Running through the year 2012 I'm quite satisfied, though very little was planned. We released some songs here in the blog, and got good response from people around us. The GPscen contest turned out to be the most important thing concerning the music. I knew one year ago that we would participate, but I didn´t quite expect everything that would happen: The preparation, the chasing of votes, the success with the webvotes (we were leading most of the time, I am very grateful for that support!) the attention, the kick around the final, the dissapointment because we didnt win, and the dead period after... This got us/me very focused, and we rehearsed very good with the help of Staffan... also we had to build up the competetiveness in us and people around us, which made it harder to be satisfied without winning. Quite stupid, since the prize was really not such a big deal. Tought a useful experience that I don't regret. But I really prefer to cooperate instead of compete with other musicians. We are all in the same boat, and it sure is not easy for anybody. I kind of knew that already. But now it´s experienced.

Another good experience was playing in Spain, at a local jazz pub, me and Didi. That was during a course for spansih teachers, two great weeks. More things can be mentioned, playing in Annes hus was great... loosing band members was not that fun, and I had to rethink a great deal, but things happen for a reason, I belive. We found Cezary among other things. Now I will not think so much in terms of a band, more cooperations. I know I can take nothing for granted, but I am very glad for still having Diana with me. Now she is involved in plenty of other projects, among other things The New String Theory, a band with a different sound we will surely will hear more of next year...

Here is one of my personal favourite memories from the year; the trip to Paris with my nine year old daugther. Some truly lovely days we spent there; Sightseing, shopping, eating and playing, just the two of us. That will be a memory for life.

For the next year, plans are being made right now. Still the top goal is to make new recordings and get something out on Spotify. It has taken a while; I have to keep reminding myself and others that I am a working parent, but still I am impatient.... but 2013 is the year!! And then I will keep on writing. A little every day, after the children have gone to sleep. And then something more, but I will keep you informed. But for now, all I want to say is: Happy new year!