fredag 16 november 2012

Soon on Spotify

We were recently asked to contribute with a song to an album: "Our Empty Promises (An Indie Collection)", together with 10-15 other unsigned artists. This seems like a good way to reach out to new people, when all the bands together are promoting the album. And it was cool being asked of course.

With a little help from our Facebook friends, we chose "I´m running", which also feels easier to give away since it´s already "out". So in december/january a Simone Says song it will be available on Spotify and Itunes for the first time... a small step for humanity, but a big for Simone Says. ;) So, make room on you Spotify playlist!

I have also made a Youtube channel for Simone says, and have posted 3 videos there. Suddenly I can find our video in other sites, like NME, first for music news. That´s always something, perhaps someone discovers our music here, who knows?

I try to think of this "marketing" and all the other stuff around the music (applying grants, writing mail, blogging, networking in hundred channels etc.) as something fun; and I quite like it also. It´s important with communication, it´s a natural prolongation of the music, but I really wish I had a little bit more time for ... making music. Well, I guess that´s the situation for a bunch of people... Anyway: I´m grateful for having the opportunity at all to create at all, and now soon having a song on Spotify. It has been a long way to get there.